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Yoga Insurance

NACAMS provides yoga liability insurance, public education programs, marketing resources, yoga teacher insurance and yoga instructor insurance; the perfect yoga teacher insurance policy, with excellent benefits, to protect your practice.

Better Breathing

Breathing Development Research, Education, Services, Programs for Superior Health, Peak Performance, Life Extension, Better breathing is possible for everyone

Better breathing

Garden Organic - The National Charity For Organic Growing

Garden Organic, the UK's leading organic growing charity, has been at the forefront of the organic horticulture movement for 50 years and is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food. Garden Organic runs workshops and courses to educate on organic best practice, as well as working on a variety of charitable projects in schools and communities.


Nutritional Therapists

Raw Living

Raw Food Classes In Brighton

UK,s Leading Raw Author

Kate Magic

Call 01243 523335


Whispers - Beauty & Complimentary Therapy

An exclusive tailor made experience  -  Debby Holmes  HFST, VICT, ICHT, IIHT, IIST

Facials,  Waxing,  Deportment & Grooming  Finishing School We train girls of all ages to increase their confidence and their ability to project their personality for the many different situations they will face throughout their lives, job interviews, socialising at party etc,

First impressions are very important and with the advantage of being able to look good, move with style and confidence, doors will open and they will never look back.

Courses Covered

First Impressions * Confidence and Personality * Deportment * Body Control * Diet & Exercise * Hair and Skin Care * Colour Co-ordination * Wardrobe and Accessories * Make-up Artistry

Body Matters 36 High Street, Steyning

Appointments: 01903 813 500


Natural Health Centres

Brighton Natural Health Centre

27 Regent Street Brighton BN1 1UL

Email: info@bnhc.co.uk


Health Shops UK

Infinity Foods Brighton

Infinity Food Shop & Bakery

25 North Road Brighton BN1 1YA

Organic & Fairtrade since 1971

Organic Wines & Beers

On-Site Organic Bakery

Cruelty-Free Bodycare

Local Organic Produce

Tel: 01273 603563


Massage Therapists & Alternative Practitioner Courses

Large selection of all kinds of courses & training offered


About Medical Attention To Help Improve The Quality Of Life

Thousands of Americans  turn to medical attention to help improve their quality of life and relieve them of pain and suffering, Medications and implant surgeries, such as a hip or knee replacement, can change or even save lives.

However, pharmaceutical companies often cut corners where accuracy matters most = consumer safety. Insufficient lab testing and deceptive marketing tactics have cost thousands of patients their lives. Prescription medications have caused users to suffer detrimental side effects and implant surgeries have left victims in great pain. Pharmaceutical companies earn billions of dollars every year from these products at the expense of their users. Read more at


Consumer Safety

Across the world, death and serious injuries occur from Consumer Products all too often.  This site is  dedicated to helping raise awareness of these products that we hope will decrease the amount of these  tragedies.  Education is the key to consumer protection, and we hope to be the best resource available. Read more at Consumerdangers.com

Hot Tub Covers

Choose from a wide variety of hot tube covers made to fit your hot tub. Choose your own colour and texture that makes your hot tub cover a perfect fit


Enhanced Healing

Enhanced Healing is committed to healing the world through the use of Holistic Music. Instant Downloads available.





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