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Understanding Health & The Power Of Aloe Vera

Understanding Health & The Power Of Aloe Vera

The Power Of Aloe Vera - Video Link

Aloe Vera Gel rids the body of toxic waste, it liquidizes hardened calcium and cleans out the pipes'. Circulation will return to all neglected areas after a while, blood pressure will normalize, the heart will strengthen again serving all parts efficiently. Aloe Vera would be the most important natural food to restore your health.

Health & Fitness - Aloe Vera also improves your oxygen supply, so it is very beneficial for sports people or everybody who want's to keep fit.


Silicon strengthens and supports your capillary walls. It's very important to protect your blood supply routes, being able to continue delivering blood supplies throughout all parts of the body. The best natural source of Silicon is ' Stinging Nettle' leaves enjoyed in form of stinging nettle tea.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose farther improves your blood flow by thinning your blood preventing the clotting of your blood vessels. Evening Primrose will be available also in health shops or some pharmacies with a  selection of natural remedies.

Alkamine Minerals

Another food supplement which will improve the elasticity of your supply routes walls, working hand in hand with Evening Primrose, Silicon and Aloe Vera Gel to protect and boost overall blood circulation and repairs throughout your body for maximum health and lust for life.


The most important foods are clean, fresh air breathed in deeply where possible and in rooms the ventilation is most important.

Clean water from the well or other natural source. When drinking bottled water, make sure it is not bottled in a P.E.T. marked bottle at the bottom, as this bottle is produced with a chemical which goes into with the water, especially in hot/warm weather conditions. Scientists claim that the chemical courses brain damage. It's advisable to have borehole water tested from time to time.

The Creator of the universe made, man in the beginning out of the ground. The different properties which are found in the earth are found in man. And the fruits, the grains, nuts and vegetables contain the same elements which are in the earth, and in man. When these grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables are eaten in their natural state and not perverted and robbed of their live-giving properties in their preparation, health, beauty, and happiness will be the sure reward. There are also wonderful life-giving properties in fruit, if properly eaten, and not combined with other foods, the combination of which causes fermentation and other disturbances and thus destroys their live-giving properties.

The Art Of Natural Healing

1) The basic cause of disease is the systematic derangement and biochemical and metabolic disorder brought about prolonged physical and mental stresses to which the patient has been subjected - such as faulty nutritional patterns, constant overeating, overindulgence in proteins and the bodies inability to digest properly them, nutritional deficiencies, sluggish metabolism and consequent retention of toxic metabolic wastes, exogenous poisons from polluted food, water, air and environment, toxic drugs, tobacco and alcohol, lack of sufficient exercise, rest and relaxation, severe emotional and physical stresses, etc. These health-destroying environmental  factors bring about derangement in all vital body functions with consequent biochemical imbalance in the tissues, auto-toxemias, chronic undersupply of oxygen to the cells, poor digestion and ineffective assimilation of nutrients... And gradually lowered resistance to disease. Bacteria is more often the result of of disease and not the cause of disease. Therefore the only effective way to cure the disease is to eliminate the causes of disease. When, the proper assistance and support of best nutrition, special dietary factors, cleansing programs, specific vitamins and supplements, juices, herbs and other harmless therapies, the underlying causes of ill health are removed, the symptoms (diseases) will disappear. Not because we cured them, but because there would be no more reason for their existence. The health has been restored.

2) Our body is equipped with the most extensive and intricate defensive and healing system. When we violate the elementary laws of health or subject our body to severe stresses or other adverse environmental factors, our body reacts with self defence. With various defensive acute symptoms, such as pain, fever, diarrhoea, fatigue or loss of appetite, the body will signal that it has taken the defensive action aimed at restoring the condition of health. However in our ignorance, we totally misunderstand these warnings and healing symptoms, calling them "diseases." Instead of letting the fever, the proper rest and temporary abstinence from food accomplish the health-restoring goal for which the body had started these symptoms, we suppress the fever with medicines, we eliminate the pain with drugs and us try to feed the sick with as much "nourishing food" as possible to get him well soon. Thus, we counteract and break down the body’s own defensive and healing efforts and cause it serious damage. Now the condition may have changed from acute into chronic. As we continue to interfere with the body’s own healing activity, the more serious condition, such as elevated blood pressure, inflammation, immobility of joints, hardening of the arteries, skin eruptions, even tumours, may develop. Even these conditions however are not "Diseases" as we understand them - the negative conditions that must be suppressed or eliminated - but are our body@s own, often desperate, but positive and beneficial attempts to cope with increasingly adverse conditions and protect the organism from the total destruction.

3) Disease - Natures Way to get you well. We need to understand that disease, as we know it, is a self-defensive effort of the body to restore the impaired health. Disease is not a negative condition which should be combated and suppressed ("cured") with all available means, but a positive, constructive process started by the body's healing forces and aimed at restoring health. Unbelievable as it may sound, we actually need disease to get well! When the body becomes ill, only the disease (which more correctly should be called health-restoring activity) can bring it back to health again. Thus we do not cure a disease, but cure a sick body, and restore health - often with the help of disease! Which is nothings but natures own way of getting you well!

4) Since most conditions of ill health are systematic in their origin and have the same underlying causes, the basic treatment of all diseases is likewise the same. First, all the underlying causes that produced ill health, such as nutritional, physical and emotional stresses and abuses. After that, the patient should undergo a short cleansing juice fast, to help the body in throwing off all the accumulated toxins and wastes. Then the patient should be put on a special supportive health-restoring and vitality-building program with emphasis on best nutrition, specific vitamins, supplements, herbs and juices and other supportive biological treatments such as hydrotherapy, massage, manipulative treatments (if needed), exercises, etc, which will help the body's own healing forces to accomplish the restoration of health. In every case, the biological doctor must outline the therapeutic program individually; it must be adjusted to the specific individual needs and the condition of the patient.

5) Relaxation of Peace and Mind - The Prime Consideration. There are many factors that interfere with successful application of nutritional and biological therapies, such as toxic environment; in affective digestive and assimilative system; emotional stresses; anxiety, worries, fears, etc. If a patient is under severe stress of acute anxiety, his ability to absorb and use nutritional and medicinal factors will be seriously impaired, and the expected healing will not manifest since the emotional disturbance continues to act. Therefore the prime consideration should be given to help the patient to free himself from all emotional stresses and worries and acquire a state of total relaxation and peace of mind. This is absolutely imperative to make nutritional and biological therapies effective. Also, the patient should have a thorough understanding of the basic philosophy of biological medicine and the purpose of various nutritional and other therapies, and have a complete confidence and faith in the prescribed methods of treatment. Thus, educating the patient in regard to the basic laws of health and disease and how he can stay well and prevent disease, should be a most important work of a future biological doctor.

6) The Total Approach - Since the basic goal of Biological Medicine is to help the body's own healing activity, we advocate the total approach when the therapeutic program is considered. Not just this or that specific vitamin, herb or treatment, but a total combined, attack on all fronts, from all directions, at the same time. After the thorough study of patient's background and his living and eating habits is made, the possible underlying causes of his health condition are determined, the patient's own healing and health-restoring mechanism should be helped with all the available effective and harmless means, simultaneously; best diet, specific herbs and nutritive supplements, juices, vitamins, minerals, etc, which are known to be affective for his specific condition. This total approaches is bound to bring the fastest recovery, as the causes of the ill health condition are all beings removed.

7) Vitamins and Supplements - The suggested vitamins and supplements should be given in the order of importance to the specific ill health condition. If possible only the natural vitamins (vitamin complexes) made from the natural sources, should be used, and not synthetic products. This is especially important in regard to various isolated B-vitamins. For some conditions, vitamins in massive doses are suggested. Such treatments should not exceed 1 - 2 months. If needed the vitamin treatment may be repeated after an interval of 1 - 2 month. This warning is given only in regard to massive doses of vitamins A, D, and synthetic isolated vitamins of B-complex.

8) Herbs - The most common ways to use herbs is in form of a tea, or what is known professionally as infusions. Most herbs are available from regular health food stores in dry and packaged form ready to use. They are also available from herb houses.

9) Please be advised, that the patient will for a short time, seemingly to get worse, as the toxic waste materials are passing through the system. This is as mentioned before the "disease at work, to restore total health! (Disease = Dais-ease) when restoring the health.

10) Biological Medicine - the Healing Art of the Future. This brings to mind a "Definition of a Doctor: A man who entertains a patient with stories while Nature  performs the cure." Actually the true doctor must do more than that. He must teach the patient how to increase his resistance against disease and prevent future illness by improved ways of eating and living. He must be an expert in not only treatment of disease, but in instructing his patient how to build a vigorous and glowing health of body and mind. This is a definition of a new breed of doctor of the future, the Doctor of Biological Medicine. Therefore, it behoves all practitioners of healing arts, be it allopathic, naturopathic, osteopathic, homeopathic, or chiropractic, to familiarize themselves with the therapeutic uses of foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs and juices, and to use this new knowledge in the management of their patients. Both doctors and patients should keep in mind that:

" If doctors of today will not become the nutritionists of tomorrow -

The nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow"

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